-Expect to be transformed

-Be willing to renew your mind

-Be willing to embrace a new life

-Be expectant and open

-Be willing to live victoriously

-Be willing to embrace a newfound freedom

-Join a network of people that are more than conquerors

-Receive our latest news about the Empowering Millions Summit in Portugal and around the world!

You are going to receive a lot more information about A NEW VICTORY LIFE EXPERIENCE at the A NEW VICTORY LIFE CLASS during the Empowering Millions Summit. Additionally, you’re welcome to register for a 1-Day Empowering Millions Summit ticket for free. You’re also welcome to register and take as many as ten friends with you, who’ll all then receive a 1-Day Summit ticket for free as well. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us and indicate the number of free 1-Day Summit tickets you’d love to have. We want to meet you and we would love to be seeing you and the friends of yours!

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